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Donna Leath

Corporate Secretary, Project Manager

Donna is second in tenure only to the founder of JMMI.  She joined JMMI in 1996 and after wearing most all the hats at one time or another has found her greatest strength to be managing large scale projects.  Donna's dedication and experience during her years here have greatly enhanced JMMI's reputation and promoted growth.  Clients ask for her by name because she has a proven track record which reflects her devotion to building rewarding relationships in the construction industry.  She considers the team at JMMI her family and is never too busy to help when one of the newer members (that includes all of them!) needs some guidance.  When not at the office she enjoys making memories with her husband Michael, 5 children, and 2 grandbabies.

Who is your hero?  Any why?  

Jesus, because He is always there for me whenever I need Him, and He saved the world and those that believe in Him will have ever lasting life.  That is a true hero. 

What is something or someone you don't think you live without?  

Jesus and my family.  They are my everything.

What is your favorite fad from your youth?

Assymetrical 80's hair


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