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Angela Terrell

Project Manager

Angela Terrell joined the team in February of 2012 and is an enthusiastic addition to J. M. Maly, Inc. She brings design credentials from San Jacinto College as well as 17+ years in retail environmental planning. As a Project Manager, she believes strongly in a responsive client focus and strives for the satisfaction of a well-run project by continuously expanding her knowledge of the construction industry.  Haveing acquired her OSHA 30 certification she brings safety awareness to each of her jobs.  Born and raised in the Houston area, she takes pride in her heritage and as a multimedia artist who loves to sew, paint and work in stained glass, you might see some of her work at local festivals.  Her favorite pastime though is relaxing with her husband and rescue pugs.  

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be an artist, any sort of artist.  Not so someone would be impressed with what I made but because when I managed to create what I imagined in my mind it felt special.  It felt like I was part of God’s palette and he might use me as his paintbrush to express something.  I believe His voice is what you experience when you feel inspired, even if the artist doesn’t realize what they are hearing.  This sort of self-expression is still one of the best feelings I know.

What one event from your childhood had a great effect on your life?
If you have an active imagination most of the things you want either don’t exist or are impossible to acquire.  I remember telling my Dad how much I wished for an amazing costume I saw in a movie and he asked the best question possible, “Why don’t you make one?”  I didn’t believe it was something I could do, I was just a kid, right?  He didn’t give up, he said, “I bet you could, YOU are creative”.  His believing in me was contagious and I have enjoyed making the things I imagine into reality ever since.  I still have that little costume almost 30 years later and while it is not perfect, it is full of potential.  Since then I say “Of course I can sew/paint/bake/build that!”  Creativity makes a person better when it spurs you to use your hands and your mind to prove to yourself that your dream can be real.  There is power and satisfaction in being able to create the things you envision.

What “lesson from Mom” do you still live by today?
When I was a teenager at the height of awkward self-conscious misery I cried to my Mom one morning complaining that I just couldn’t face school because “Everyone looks at me, they stare at me.  I just want to be invisible”.  My mother, with seemingly infinite calm, looked me straight in the eye and said “Who do you think you are that everyone notices you?  You are a good girl but you are NOT the center of the universe”.  She was right, and I have been better my whole life having realized that fact.  Being humble should always be an integral part of being human, it makes God proud of us.

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