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Daron Canaan 

Retired - VP Estimating 

Daron Canaan has the distinction of being the only employee that was never officially hired.

His mother, Robbye Canaan, who was the company’s first full time hire, summoned Daron shortly after he left the Marine Corps to help unload trucks, clean the warehouse and complete numerous tasks around the office.  He did so just as a favor to help out our young organization.  Jan, feeling that he should be compensated for his services started paying him against his mother’s will. 

One thing led to another and within a few months, Daron became full time. He expressed an interest in estimating so Jan taught him how to read drawings, which was more like coaching than teaching, considering that he was self-motivated and mostly self-taught. He was a “natural” which are far and few between!

He quickly became a highly respected estimator throughout the Houston market arena.  He and Jan became not only co-workers but good friends and hunting/fishing buds.  Daron progressed to Chief Estimator, and later became the company's first Vice President of Estimating.  Daron was instrumental in the growth of the company and was always at Jan’s side in most of the company growth decisions.

After 24 years of service, Daron became first employee to officially retire from JMMI.  On April 1, 2015 he elected to further pursue some personal goals and objectives.

Even though he is no longer here, his many contributions remain as a major part of our organization's success and growth.

In our eyes he will always be a part of the J. M. Maly, Inc. family.     


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