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J.M. Maly incorporated in Texas March 9, 1983.

So, how did it all begin?  Truth be known, the formation of the business was not, in any way, a planned event.

Jan Maly, a native of Omaha, Nebraska, moved to Houston in February of 1971 to open a regional sales office for an international building specialties manufacturer.  He covered the architectural and general contractor markets for commercial construction.  In 1975 he was asked to go to the Mid East and follow up on projects and materials designed and specified by Houston architects.  In 1977, Jan accepted two year position as Director of Mid East Field Operations, based in Athens Greece, and covered the Mid East, North Africa, and Europe.

Upon completion of his overseas assignment, the firm offered him the position of Vice President of International, which would have required him to live in New Jersey where the corporate headquarters were located.  He and his wife Patricia loved Texas and wanted to return to their home.   New Jersey was definitely not in their plans.  They decided to return to Texas, either with or without a job.

He and Patricia returned to Texas in December of 1979.  Jan immediately (the same day he got off the plane) accepted a position of VP of Operations, for an old and well established building specialty subcontractor/supplier.  The owner, wishing to retire, offered to sell the business and began negotiations with Jan.  Mutual terms were never achieved and the business was sold to a third party in 1981.  Jan agreed to stay for one year to see how things may develop.  They didn't materialize as promised and Jan resigned in October of 1982 over a monetary commitment that was not kept by the new owner.

At that time the oil boom was coming to a close and the Houston construction market was on a down turn.  Jan being an ardent bass fisherman decided to take advantage of the situation and elected to give the Pro Bass Circuit a try.  Soon thereafter, the phone began to ring and Jan was asked to help finish some projects that others had failed to complete.  At first he declined, however, contractors kept calling and he eventually agreed to help out a long time contractor friend from Alvin, Texas.  That turned out to be the demise of his plan to fish and drink beer for a living.  The phone continued to ring and more opportunities materialized.  He set up a small office in the game room of his home and in less than two months had to add two people to help.  It quickly became evident that he would have to find an office/warehouse space and moved his small operation to a Business Park in Humble, Texas.

One year later they moved to a larger facility in the same complex.  They remained there until May of 2006, when they built their own 10,000 square foot facility.  They are currently in the process of adding an additional 3,600 square feet.  Twenty Five years later, they continue to grow.

Jan hasn't been bass fishing since 1986, however, occasionally does some bay and off shore fishing.

If asked 'What do you attribute your growth and success to?', Jan simply states, "It's the team of people.  Building materials are commodities and commodities are available everywhere.  It's the people, the expertise, reputation, and the service, and all of this is again the team of people.  I've been blessed with a great, intelligent, and dedicated group of team members, and once you have that, success is almost inevitable."   He also quotes a fellow native of Omaha, Warren Buffett, who said, "It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.  If you think about that, you'll do things differently."

The quote is prominently displayed in each team member's office.

Looking towards the future, Jan says he has no plans to retire, yet looks forward to passing the operations of the business on to the second generation, his daughter, Kristin Valdez and the employees.  An employee owned business is the current likely long term scenario.  Jan claims once this is accomplished, he may try some bass fishing again.

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