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Now in its second generation of family ownership, the JMMI team is formed by diverse individuals who share the same principles that J.M. Maly, Inc. was built on. What sets us apart from our competition? It’s the people that make the difference.

Building materials are commodities, and commodities are available everywhere. It’s the expertise, reputation, service, and our team of people who forge new and strengthen current client relationships based on integrity and mutual respect.

Our team of long-term employees with significant experience, talents, and contributions has helped JMMI become the success it is today. In fact, the majority of our office personnel and lead foremen have over ten years of tenure with the company. We are proud of the meaningful relationships we have built with our clients and communities throughout our history and look forward to building on that tradition.


JMMI’s roots go back to 1983, when Jan Maly, a native of Omaha, Nebraska, formed J.M. Maly, Inc. in Texas. After spending a decade on the building specialties supplier side, Jan began operations out of the very first Maly office—a small game room in his home. He had contractors calling him left and right, in desperate need of his help finishing projects that others failed to complete. The business grew quickly, and after only one year, JMMI moved its small operation to a larger facility in Humble, TX.

Over the years, he continued the momentum of their business growth and built success by sticking to a few core principles: hard work, integrity, and loyalty. Kicking off the second generation of family management and ownership, Jan’s daughter, Kristin Valdez, joined the ever-growing company in 2002. A few years down the line, she would be named President while Jan retained the role of CEO.

The business continued to thrive in the Houston construction market, and in 2006, the company constructed a new 10,000 square foot facility in New Caney, TX. It was obviously built to last because this office has since survived three floods—first during the Tax Day Floods of 2016, next with Hurricane Harvey in 2017, and then taking on several feet of water with Tropical Storm Imelda in 2019. However, the company stayed operational all three times and even performed the majority of the renovation work themselves!

“It’s the team of people. I’ve been blessed with a great, intelligent, and dedicated group of hard-working individuals.”

— Jan Maly

At JMMI, we believe our people are our greatest asset, and we’ve shown outstanding commitment to our employees since the beginning. After 24 years of service, then Vice President and Chief Estimator Daron Canaan became the first employee to officially retire from the company in 2015.

JMMI is dedicated to making positive contributions to our customers, partners, employees, and surrounding communities. Having a long history of hospital work, our company was able to continue operations during the COVID-19 pandemic as the construction industry was declared an essential service in the State of Texas.

When asked ‘What do you attribute your growth and success to?’, Jan simply states, “It’s the team of people. I’ve been blessed with a great, intelligent, and dedicated group of hard-working individuals.” Looking towards the future, Jan says he is 100% confident in the team he has built over the years, and he anticipates great success in JMMI’s second generation of leadership.

Of course, we can’t forget a very important JMMI team member. Mama Dog came aboard the J.M. Maly family in 2007. Prior to joining the firm, she was a feral dog that roamed our facility’s surrounding woods. With a loving disposition, her area of specialization was continually lifting JMMI’s company morale. While at work, she enjoyed visiting with her team members, laying around in various offices, getting treats, sleeping, and playing in the Maly pond. Mama passed in October 2021, with her final resting place being at the JMMI office.


J.M. Maly, Inc. is proud to be a member of:

AGC – Associated General Contractors of America – Houston Chapter

The Associated General Contractors of America, the voice of the construction industry, is an organization of qualified construction contractors and industry-related companies dedicated to skill, integrity, and responsibility. The association provides a full range of services satisfying the needs and concerns of its members, thereby improving the quality of construction and protecting the public interest.

ASA – American Subcontractors Association – Houston Chapter

ASA is the voice dedicated to improving the business environment for subcontractors and specialty contractors in the construction industry. The organization values equitable business practices, integrity, quality construction, and a safe and healthy work environment and serves subcontractors and specialty contractors in the construction industry through advocacy, communication, education, and networking.

Construction Career Collaborative

C3 is an alliance of socially responsible Owners, Contractors, and Specialty Contractors, who will positively affect the issues facing the craft worker for the commercial construction industry. The principles of C3 include promoting the financial security, health, and well-being of craft workers by paying craft workers by the hour with applicable overtime, providing worker security by paying unemployment taxes, providing workers’ compensation insurance, contributing to social security, and providing health insurance

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